Step by step guide

Baby swimming is a great activity that's easy and safe to do when you get the right advice. We've created a Step-by-Step Guide to help you get started.

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4. Make a splash

Once you've started baby swimming, keep up the good work! You've started your baby on a habit that lasts a lifetime, and each time you go your baby will become a bit more confident and capable in the water.

"Every time you begin a new activity, it's great to use a 'cue' which they then recognise moving forward."

Philomena Geary, STA Baby Swimming Teacher

Guide User Repetition

Use repetition

Bouncing your baby up and down, repeating words like 'bouncy, bouncy' will build his confidence. And if he accidentally goes under the water, a bit of praise and a cuddle goes a long way to reassure him.

Guide Play Games

Play games

Make it fun with games like 'Peek a Boo' or chasing a toy across the pool - flick the toy forwards and encourage him to reach for it. Face baby towards you and walk backwards so he's moving forwards and blow bubbles under the water as you move.

Guide Be Silly

Be silly

Use your imagination and take your baby for a seahorse ride! Try something a bit different by sitting on a woggle, holding onto it while you support your baby and bounce along through the water.

Guide Make A Splash

Make a splash

When baby can sit up, sit him on the side of the pool and sing Humpty Dumpty. When you get to 'Humpty Dumpty had a great fall!' lift him down into the water with a splash.

Guide Little Independence

A little independence

As he becomes stronger and more capable and adventurous, lessen your support and let him explore and experiment. Lots of praise will turn him into a budding swimmer who loves the water.

Guide Have Fun

Have fun

As your baby gets older and more capable, encourage him to hold onto the poolside, a woggle or a float and kick his legs. Zoom him around and have a splash - if it feels like fun, do it!

Now keep it going

It's exercise for you too. Swimming is low impact and ideal for mums who should take it easy for the first six months following birth.

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