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Baby swimming is a great activity that's easy and safe to do when you get the right advice. We've created a Step-by-Step Guide to help you get started.

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2. Heading to the pool

Before your first trip to the pool together take time to prepare yourself so that you have all you need for a fun and fulfilling experience. Here’s what you need to think about to get ready for your first swim.

"Parents are often worried about ensuring their babies have had their immunizations before heading for the pool but the current guidance from the Department of Health says that you can take your baby swimming at any age."

Philomena Geary, STA Baby Swimming Teacher

Baby swimming bag basics:


As well as a couple of pairs of Huggies® Little Swimmers®, remember to bring a few of your regular nappies for after swimming.

Wet wipes & cream

Never be without a trusty pack of we wipes! And pack your usual barrier cream too.

Change of Outfit

Include warm clothes and a hat to help baby keep warm after a swim, plus a spare outfit just in case.


If you have space, take a couple of towels to wrap baby up in when you leave the water.

Hygiene mat

A hygiene mat is a clean and convenient option for changing your baby on - pool changing rooms can get quite grubby throughout the day.

Favourite bath toy

Taking along your baby's favourite bath toy is sure to bring a smile to his face as well as offering some reassurance in a new environment.

Coin for lockers

Have some change handy for the locker, or check with pool staff whether you need a token instead.


Pack a small snack for after. If your baby isn't on solids yet, find a quiet place to breastfeed or give him a bottle once you’re both changed.

Your swimsuit

Don't forget your own stuff, whatever you do - you wouldn't be the first! If you put your swimsuit on at home, be sure to pack your underwear.

Plastic bag

Something you don't often remember to pack is something to put your wet things in after the swim.

Guide Prepare

Be prepared

Do a dry run first to check out the pool and let your baby experience the sights and sounds. Ask questions like when’s the best time to swim with baby. Get the little details sorted beforehand and you'll have fewer surprises on the day.

Guide Before Swim

Before you swim

At the pool, get yourself changed first, then your baby. Have a quick warm shower while cuddling your baby before you get into the pool, gently washing warm water over his body to get him ready.

You are ready to get swimming!

Choose off-peak times at public pools for a more enjoyable, less stressful experience.

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