Tommys Splashathon With Detail

Join Little Swimmers in supporting Tommy's and make a splash!

Such a great journey, having a child. At first, they're this tiny miracle held snugly in your arms. Soon they're crawling, walking, even splashing in the water. But sometimes, complications in pregnancy ranging from stillbirth and premature birth to miscarriages cut that journey short.

Tommy's has been working hard since 1992 to make sure more mums get to meet their little babies. A very crucial part of that is making waves with medical research. That's why the goal of this year's Splashathon is to help open a new research centre that will focus on preventing miscarriages.

Little Swimmers® has always been about supporting mums and children, helping little ones grow happily and develop important skills along the way. That makes Tommy's the perfect partner for us; an organisation that keeps families' dreams afloat and makes the pregnancy journey smooth sailing.

That's why we are proud to be sponsoring Tommy's and their 2015 Splashathon, a fabulously fun event for under 5's. Little ones get sponsored to complete splashy challenges in their own swim class, having a blast while raising funds that go toward helping other little babies.

Want to get involved? All you have to do is book your little one in for a swimming programme with Water Babies. That, or you can sign up for swimming classes at one of our partner leisure centres.

For more information, dive into the Tommy’s website at: 

Have fun and don't forget to make a splash! 

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