Our Swim Pants

Unlike disposable nappies, Huggies® Little Swimmers®
do not swell on contact with water, allowing your little one
freedom of movement to splash around and have a great time.

Stretchy side panels for freedom of movement in the water

Feature Stretchy Side

Bright and engaging Disney™ graphics

Feature Disney Graphics
Swim Pants

Leak guard

Feature Leak Guard

Unique absorbent material

Feature Leak Guard 04
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Size 2-3

3-7kg (7-15lbs)

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Size 3-4

7-15kg (15-34lbs)

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Size 5-6

12-18kg (26-40lbs)

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Recommended by bloggers

Avatar Shareen

Shareen H-Hussard

A Real Mummy Diary

The swim pants are also great. They fit well with no sore, red marks and very flexible and breathable.

Avatar Sara

Sara Carvosso

Welcome to the Mummy Madness

I personally love using Huggies® Little Swimmers nappies®, recently going to the beach with a normal nappy was such a faff sea water filled the nappy, I forgot how good swimming nappies were!

Avatar Jackie

Jackie Cuyvers

Transatlantic Mom

Nobody likes soggy nappies or wet swimming costumes. I love that I can keep the Huggies® swim pants handy for swimming or waterplay, they're practical and convenient.

Avatar Sammi

Sammi Hodges

One Blue One Pink

Huggies® Little Swimmers® are an essential part of our swimming bag. My 17 month old has proved that no matter how much she wriggles about they are easy to get on, and best of all they have never leaked!