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Water Play An Babys Confidence

Water play and baby's confidence

Water play offers many rewards for little ones, and their innate love of water draws them to interact with it constantly. It’s a feast for all the senses: the feel of water on their skin, the sights and sounds of moving, splashing and trickling water, the different smells it creates and the tastes as, inevitably, little ones explore new things with their mouths!

It’s such a simple thing but it offers hours of entertainment to a toddler, whether at a water table in the garden, in a swimming pool, at a splash pad in the park or at the seaside.

Building confidence and understanding

Introducing children to water from an early age will foster understanding and awareness. While it’s fun, it can also be dangerous and teaching your toddler how to be savvy and safe around water is a hugely important skill.

Water play is also another all-important opportunity for cognitive learning, and giving your little one the chance to explore and discover through playing with water adds to their ever-growing bank of knowledge. It teaches them about cause and effect, how things float and sink, and opens them up to new words as you talk to them about water as they happily splash away.

Take advantage of spontaneous water play

Opportunities to play with water occur everyday, whether it’s jumping in a puddle or splashing in the bath. You can also encourage further water play in your back garden, at the pool or with a trip to the beach. Warmer months offer many more water play opportunities, so it’s always good to be prepared. Pack a change of clothes, a pair of Little Swimmers and towel in your going out bag and never let your tot miss a moment of water fun! 

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