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Swim routine

Getting into a good baby swimming routine is the best way to help build confidence in the water – both for you and your baby. So once you get started, keep up the good work! You'll be helping your baby form a habit that lasts a lifetime.

Here's how to create and stick to a good swimming routine:

Put it in the diary

Make baby swimming a regular activity. Choose a good time to visit the pool and make it a weekly commitment, for example: Tuesday mornings are pool mornings.

Be comfortable

The more hassle-free your pool visits are, the easier they will be to stick with. Find out when the best time to visit the pool is, make sure your bag is packed with all you need, and take a friend with you if you’re nervous about going alone.

Join a class

Signing up to a local baby swimming class is a great way to kick start your routine. Being part of a class will keep you motivated, as well as being a good way to learn new methods and meet other mums with babies of a similar age.

Form a habit

Babies learn well through repetitive behaviour. The more you swim, the happier and more confident your baby will become in the water. Not swimming for long periods will result in having to build up your little one's confidence all over again, so if you can stick to swimming regularly you'll have a budding water baby on your hands.

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