3. Go Swimming


Tear-free swimming

Given the right environment, most babies will enjoy swimming. But there are bound to be tears at some point, especially as your baby adapts to the surroundings of the pool and the new experiences that go with it.

Troubleshooting tears:

Feeling scared

Bright lights, loud new noises, crowds of people and trying different things may all leave baby feeling anxious and unhappy. Help your little one overcome these fears by taking things a step at a time; visit the pool just to look around and absorb the atmosphere before your first swim, give your baby lots of reassurance and keep her close at all times to help her feel protected and gradually she will get used to the surroundings of the pool.

Being tired or hungry

A swim that's too near to nap or snack time is likely to end in tears as your baby will become agitated until her needs are addressed! All that healthy exercise will leave your baby feeling tired and hungry also so look out for signs that she's had enough.

Feeling cold or under the weather

Babies like to be warm and cosy. If the water or ambient temperature isn't very warm, your baby may well begin to protest. Encouraging her to move and splash around will help her to feel warmer, but it might also be worth investing in a baby wetsuit if your local pool never seems quite warm enough.

Unsettled behaviour could also be the first signs of a cold, in which case it's best to get baby warm and dry and leave baby swimming until she's feeling better.

Simply not in the mood

Sometimes with the best will in the world, your baby just isn't in the mood for a swim. It's not hunger or tiredness or anything really, she just doesn't want to be there. If you've tried a few distraction tactics and she's still unsettled, it's time to call it a day.

Make it a habit

By swimming regularly you'll give your little one the chance to get used to the whole process, from the changing room to what happens when you get in the water. Each time you go she'll become a little more accustomed to the experience, so keep it up – every visit will boost your confidence too!

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