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Baby swimming on holiday

Taking your baby swimming while you're on holiday can be a wonderful experience. The combination of being in a relaxed frame of mind, having help from your partner or other travel buddies and the opportunity to swim repeatedly while you're away makes it great activity to try.

Ten top tips for happy baby swimming on holiday:

  1. Nurture your baby's water confidence before your holiday by practicing in the bath and with a few trips to your local pool.
  2. Know the pool rules – different pools might have different sets of rules to the ones you're used to, especially if you're abroad. Check things like whether there are allotted baby swimming times and what your baby is required to wear in the water.
  3. Check the water temperature before you take your baby in the pool. A temperature of around 32 degrees C is perfect for babies under six months old.
  4. Choose the correct baby swimwear - always put your little one in a swim nappy, like Huggies® Little Swimmers®, when they're in the pool to protect against little accidents.
  5. Take a couple of bath toys from home that your baby is used to swimming with, as the familiarity will help her adapt to new surroundings.
  6. Play games in the water like Humpty Dumpty and Ring-o-roses to help your baby enjoy their swim. See our guide to 'Pool fun and games'.
  7. Keep your baby properly hydrated. Both you and your little one will need to take on considerably more fluid in hotter countries.
  8. For outdoor pools, stay out of the pool – and the sun – during the hottest part of the day.
  9. Use a high factor sunscreen even when you're in the swimming pool where it may feel cool.
  10. Taking your baby for a dip in the sea can be fun too but make sure you only enter the water on a lifeguarded beach and opt for calm water. 
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