3. Go Swimming


Changing your little one at the pool

Many babies don't like the idea of being changed in a new environment, especially a busy changing room! Here's how to get set for speedy pool time changes:

Before you leave the house, double check your swim bag to make sure you've packed all of your baby swimming essentials. For help with what to pack in your swim bag, check out our handy guide.

Once at the pool, change yourself first to minimise the time your baby is in swim gear and potentially feeling the cold. When you get out of the pool, wrap your baby in a warm towel or two to keep him snug while you get dressed, then put him in warm clothes before offering him a snack or a feed.

Much like changing your baby at home, it helps to keep your little one entertained while you get him ready for the pool or dressed again after a swim. Pack a toy for him to play with, and chat and sing songs to keep him happy.

Keep your locker money or token in a handy pocket so you can easily find it when needed. Juggling a baby, towels and a swim bag is tricky enough without having to desperately search for your pound coin!

Finally, avoid peak times at the pool if you can. That way you'll have a quieter changing room with more space to get your baby ready and hopefully a more relaxing swim once you get in the pool.

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