3. Go Swimming

Article Beat Water Worries

Beat those water worries

If you're not a confident swimmer yourself you may feel even more nervous about taking your baby swimming. But baby swimming is the perfect opportunity to teach your baby about the water while boosting your own confidence. Here's how:

Choose a baby friendly pool

Baby friendly pools cater especially for families and babies. They may have a separate baby pool or a designated baby swimming area in the pool, which will be shallower, while the water should be warmer than a normal pool.

A baby friendly pool is also likely to have other special features such as family changing rooms or baby facilities within the normal changing room and may offer a range of baby swimming classes.

Take a friend

Having someone with you for moral support can make all the difference. Knowing someone else is there to lend a hand and to keep a watchful eye will help you to relax and enjoy the experience.

Sign up to a class

Baby swimming classes will teach you all you need to know from how to hold your baby and stay safe in the water to advancing both of your skills towards proper swimming.

One step at a time

Stay in your comfort zone until you find your feet. Go for short swims as you gradually build your confidence, but try to go regularly as this will allow you to get used to swimming with your baby and banish those water worries!

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