3. Go Swimming

Beach Games

Beach games

The seaside provides endless opportunities for play, whether you take a ball and bucket and spade or simply use the what’s already there for entertainment. Here are a few of our favourite ready-made beach games to try on your next visit:

Sand art

Use fingers, a stick or a spade to draw lines and shapes in the sand. Start by drawing recognisable shapes to peek your little one’s interest and encourage them to have a go too.

Catch me if you can!

A game of running or toddling from the incoming waves will provide endless fun for a squealing tot, especially when someone gets wet!

Treasure hunt

Bury shells, pebbles and other beach objects together for your little one to uncover by digging them up with their hands or a spade. Remember - X marks the spot!

Sand sculptures

You’re never to young – or old! – to enjoy a spot of sandcastle building. But don’t stop at sandcastles, let your imagination flow to create shapes and structures to delight your toddler. If you don’t have a bucket and spade with you, simply get stuck in with your hands. Wet sand holds better than dry sand and beach finds, such as shells and feathers, make great decorations.

Beach bingo

A treasure hunt of another variety, take your little one in search of different objects and animals that can be found on the beach. Decide what you’re going to look for and then shout ‘bingo!’ when you make your discovery.

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