Get Ready


Packing your swim bag

Packing your bag with the right swimming kit will prepare you for a hassle-free swim. Here's our list of essentials:

Pack Nappies - Dory

Nappies and swim nappies

It's good to take a couple of pairs of swim nappies, like Huggies® Little Swimmers®, as well as a few of your regular nappies for after swimming.

Pack Swimwear

Babies swimwear

While public pools will require your baby to wear a swim nappy, it's up to you if you choose to put your little one in an infant swimming costume. There are some very cute baby girl and baby boy swimsuits available if you prefer your child to wear something over their swim nappy!

Baby swim wetsuits are a good idea if you're concerned about your baby feeling the cold in the water. Made of neoprene or polyester, they trap a layer of warm water next to baby's skin to keep him cosy.

Pack Accessories

Baby swimming accessories

You might also like to take a baby swimming aid or inflatable when you feel your little one is ready to give one a go. There are all sorts available, from armbands and flotation vests or jackets, to rubber rings and inflatable seats - the choice is yours! Take a look at our guide to 'Baby inflatable and swim aids'.

Pack Wipes

Wet wipes and cream

A pack of wet wipes are a must for change times, plus your usual barrier cream.

Pack Outfit

Change of outfit

Take warm clothes to help baby keep snug after a swim and include a few spare items just in case. A hat is also a good idea as babies lose heat through their heads.

Pack Towels


If you have space, take a couple of towels to wrap baby up in when you leave the water. Hooded towels are great for keeping baby cosy.

Pack Toy

Favourite bath toy

Toys that helped your baby relax and have fun in the bath will offer some reassurance in the new environment of the pool so do take one or two along with you.

Pack Locker

Coin for lockers

Have some change handy for the locker, or check with pool staff whether you need a token instead.

Pack Snack


After all that kicking and splashing your baby is likely to be hungry so pack a drink and a snack, like a banana or a yogurt. If your baby isn't on solids yet, it's best to find a quiet spot to breastfeed or give him/her a bottle once you're both changed.

Pack Swimsuit

Your swimsuit

Whilst gathering all the bits for baby, don't forget to pack your own stuff! For a speedier change, put your swimsuit on at home under your clothes and pack underwear for after you swim.

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