2. Get Ready

Article Hassle Free Swimming

Hassle-free swimming

The key to hassle-free baby swimming is to be prepared. Swimming with your little one should be a fun and bonding experience, so avoid any hassle and stress with these simple solutions:

Time and place

Find out when the best times are to swim with your baby at your local pool, then choose one that fits in with you and your little one e.g. after a nap and when your baby isn't likely to be hungry.

It's also worth finding your nearest baby friendly pool as a warmer, shallower pool and good baby and toddler facilities will make your swim all the more enjoyable.

Home prep

Dress your baby in clothes that are quick to take off and put on again for an easier time in the changing room. And put your swimsuit on at home under your clothes for a speedier change at the pool – just don't forget to pack your underwear!

Before leaving home, check you have all your kit in your swim bag. Read our handy guide for tips on what to pack.

Baby swimwear

An essential for the pool is a swim nappy. As the UK's No. 1 swim pant, Huggies® Little Swimmers® make baby swimming a little easier through their unique design. Special absorbent material means they don't swell or fall apart in water, while easy open and close sides are perfect for quick checks and changes when your baby is wet.

In cute Disney designs, Little Swimmers® are also designed with special leak guards to protect against accidents and stretchy side panels give a comfortable fit that allows your little one freedom of movement to splash around.

Take a friend

An extra pair of hands can be a real help in the changing room and in the pool, especially while you're both getting used to swimming together, so invite along a friend or family member to share the experience.

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