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Baby swimwear

If you've never taken your baby swimming before you might be wondering what your little one should wear to the pool. There's quite a range on offer in baby swimwear – here's our guide to help you decide:

Swim nappy

An absolute must for the pool is a baby swim nappy. Normal disposable nappies are not suitable for swimming as they become waterlogged and can disintegrate causing a hygiene hazard. It's a good idea to check with the pool which type of nappy they stipulate babies should wear in the water.

Disposable swim nappy

Disposable swim nappies, like Huggies® Little Swimmers®, are designed for use in water as they are made with a unique absorbent material. Little Swimmers also feature special leak guards to protect against accidents, while tear away sides make changes simple and bright Disney™ graphics make them fun.

Reusable swim nappy

Alternatively you could opt for a reusable swim nappy. Made from stretchy material with deep bands of fabric at the waist and leg-holes, they are designed to let water escape but to contain solids. They can be used in conjunction with a liner for easier cleaning.

Baby swimsuit

All public swimming pools will require your baby to wear a swim nappy, but it's up to you if you want to pop a swimsuit over the top. Although they're not necessary, cute baby girl one-pieces and baby boy swimsuits are available in very small sizes!

Baby swim wetsuit

If you're concerned about your baby feeling the cold, a baby wetsuit traps a layer of water warmed by the body and acts as an insulator that will keep baby warmer for longer in and around the water.

Baby Swimming Accessories

Babies automatically open their eyes when submerged in water and it's not necessary for them to wear goggles.

There are a range of baby swimming aids and inflatables to choose from armbands and floatation vests, to rubber rings and inflatable seats. Take a look at our guide to 'Baby inflatables and swim aids'.

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