2. Get Ready

Article Baby Swimming Tips

Baby Swimming Tips

Get ready for a fun time at the pool with these top baby swimming tips:


  • Help your baby become water confident in the bath first.
  • Always put a swim nappy on your little one before going into to the pool. Huggies® Little Swimmers® have unique leak guards to avoid little accidents as well as easy open sides to make change time simpler.
  • Save time and hassle by putting your swimsuit on at home.
  • Pack a couple of towels, warm clothes and a hat to keep baby cosy after a swim.
  • Swimming is hungry work! Pack snacks for baby and you, like bananas and yoghurts.  If your baby isn't on solid food, find a quiet place for a feed post-swim.
  • Babies don't like to be cold so check the pool temperature first.
  • Don't forget your locker money!

In the pool:

  • If you're new to baby swimming go during off-peak times or earlier in the morning if you're on holiday - it makes the entire experience less stressful and enjoyable.
  • One of the best ways to get into the pool is to lay your baby safely on a towel by the poolside, enter the water and then lift her in.
  • You may want to have your partner or a friend with you when you first start swimming, just while you get used to handling a wet baby.
  • Maintain eye contact with your little one, smile, relax and drop down to the same level - your baby will love seeing you splashing too!
  • To help baby relax, keep your baby's face close to your own and reassure her with a familiar bath toy or by humming a favourite tune.
  • Babies naturally open their eyes in the water and don't need goggles.
  • Swim regularly to help your baby get used to it.
  • Have fun and be positive; your baby will follow your lead.

Good to know:

  • Avoid swimming if you or your little one has had a tummy upset in the past 48 hours.
  • If you are going on holiday, it's a good idea to get your little one water-ready first - even if it's just splashing a little water over them in the bath.
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